Friday, March 28, 2014

A Mighty Presence

Before I tell you about the mighty presence, I want to tell you why it was so mighty! This is a picture of my nephews back. To make a long story short, he was vomiting a lot, acting really fussy and we could not figure out why. The doctor put him on Pedialite for a full day and then he was to start drinking formula again. Once he drank the first bottle after his "fast" this is what it did to him!

Now to the mighty presence. We discovered that my nephew was allergic to soy- the kind of formula he was on. So off we went to purchase another kind of formula (the 4th kind to be exact) to see if he could tollorate it. We pulled in at the store, this was a very local dollar store and got out of the car. No more than I had shut the car door, a lady walks up to me and asks if we (It was my sister in law, my mother and myself) have any small kids.  I looked at her funny and answer, "Yes we do but they are not with us." She then asks, (You will not believe it!!!!) "Do ya'll need any formula?" DO WHAT?????????????

Yes!!!!! We tell her that is EXACTLY what we were coming to purchase! She not only gives us formula but 5 cans of it!!! Then she starts handing me BOXES of baby food. 13 boxes to be exact! And inside EACH box was 8 packages of 4 so that is 32 individual cups of baby food!)  And baby vitamins, coupons, & Pedialite!! Here is a picture of some of the boxes. (My sister in law and I divided it up and this was my part- I forgot to take pictures of it all!) We checked it all and it was all sealed, in date, etc. The ladies said they had bulk purchased to donate to a church and this was left over!

The best part is my nephew tried the formula they gave us and for the first time in 6 1/2 months, he did not vomit, spit up or SCREAM after he ate! In fact, the second he got finished drinking the bottle he fell off to sleep, for over an hour!!!!

Now why do I say, "A Mighty Presence"? Because God knew what we were in need of and He provided! I now say that his formula was God inspired!!! It was more than coincidence, it was God's Mighty presence!

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  1. What a wonderful testimony of our Lord's provision!!! A mighty presence indeed! Isn't it exciting when He gives us exactly what we need when we need it? My spirit rejoices with you over this miraculous happening in your precious little nephew's life! Praise the Lord! And have a blessed weekend! <3

  2. It surely is exciting! He amazes me everyday! I love how personal our Lord is! Thanks for stopping by! :)