Sunday, July 31, 2016

How to Study the Bible for Yourself in Depth- Video Two: Interlinear Bible and Concordance

Welcome back! Today we are going to be looking at video number two in our series, "How to Study the Bible for Yourself in Depth!". If you are just joining us you can view the introduction to the series HERE and then video number one on using the dictionary and commentary HERE. 
But for now, keep reading to view video number two in the series on the Interlinear Bible and Concordance. You are going to love it!

Friday, July 29, 2016

How To Study the Bible for Yourself- in Depth! Video One- Dictionary & Commentary

Hi guys! So I hope that you seen the video introduction to this new series that I am doing on "How to Study the Bible for Yourself- In Depth!". If not you can watch the first video HERE! As promised however, here is video one! Let's get started shall we.

How To Study the Bible for Yourself- in Depth! New Series-Introduction

  Do you ever pick up your Bible and think, "I wish I could understand what this means?" Or do you feel like you have heard the same things over and over again but think, "Is this all their is to the Bible?" Do you wish that you got excited about reading and studying your Bible but you just can't figure it out? Well there is hope for you!! Keep reading!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

No More Babies!----ADOPT???

Do you ever say something and then wonder what you were thinking? Well that has happened to me. My husband, Rob, and I have three boys together, Justin-9, Ian-4 and Aaron-2. I get asked all the time, "Well when are you going to try for a girl?" "Oh come on, just one more." We'll my answer is NO! I have been pregnant 4 times, one baby I lost in pregnancy and the other three boys I had to have c-sections for. To put it humorously, if I have anymore my uterus will fall out! Bahahahahaha! Well let's just say God has a sense of humor. Keep reading!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Digging in Even Deeper

Do you ever have times in your spiritual life when you are thriving? I mean you feel so close to God it is as if He has been over at your house visiting with you all day? I love times like those. But one thing in my 25 years of being a Christian is that those times do not always happen. There are times when we got through a spiritual desert. As much as  I dislike those times, I don't know if it has just taken me longer than most to figure it out or if I am getting wiser in my aging but I come out of those times in the desert with a great understanding of something I needed to change.

In 2016 I want to be a prayer WARRIOR. I want to be so close to God that people can not be around me without feeling His presence in my life. I want to serve God in a greater capacity than I ever had. I want to breathe every minutes with God! So how can I do this?

Saturday, February 27, 2016

My Life Update

Hey guys! So it has been FOREVER since I last posted! So much has went on in my life since October. I have been doing a lot of personal development here lately and one thing that I have been doing is tapping into is my happiness. The question was asked, "When were you happiest?" "Can you think of a time when you absolutely LOVED what you did everyday?" And I thought, yes! When I blogged! So here I am. I am working on my schedule about what to bring to each of you and share what all I have been through here lately in hopes that it can help you too! First however I want to share the update from my last post Beginning the Journey. Be ready to be blown away!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Pay Attention!

Now that we are starting our weight loss journey together it is time to first lay down a rule- PAY ATTENTION to your body! Do not do anything crazy or extreme. No crash dieting, no extreme changes, no crazy or unsafe exercise. I noticed as I did my sit ups that I had a little "knot" that would pop up in the middle of my stomach. I watched and noticed over time it was getting larger- time to talk to the ole doctor. So I did and guess what. It is a hernia! Now I have to set up surgery to get it repaired. I could have caused a lot of damage and pain later down the road if I would have ignored it. Pay attention to your body guys and gals!