Thursday, April 3, 2014

NOT What I Thought!

List 6 things you've learned from your oldest child. Just 6? I could go on and on and on. Okay. 6 it is!

But this is a freebie before I start. Pregnancy HURTS! I never knew my body could do such weird things before I had an alien in my guts! Hahaha, no in all seriousness, it HURT! This was a week before I went into labor with my first child.
1.) Time flies! You can never get back the moments that you miss out on. I spent the first several years working trying to climb that corporate ladder and therefore I missed out on many of the "firsts". Now that I look back, I can't remember what I bought with all the money I made but I remember every first that I was not there for!
2.) Parenting is HARD! Especially the first child! You are scared. You don't know what you are doing! Is he pooping enough? Is he breathing? Why won't he quit crying? Is that normal? When should I panic?? You don't know ANYTHING! I had been around a lot of kids but when they are yours, all the time, you realize you don't have a CLUE what you are doing!
3.) Parenting requires patience, patience and more patience. My oldest's "warp speed" is slower than the tortoise in "The Tortoise and the Hare". SERIOUSLY! I can say hurry until I am blue in the face and he will stop and look up and me and say, "I am, mom!" Oooookkkkaaayyyyy....... praying no grass grows under ya.... (hahaha)
4.) ADHD is NOT from lack of "parenting". Pre-kids, I always thought ADHD in a child was because the child was not made to behave or mind. BOY WAS I WRONG! My son has a VERY hard time with this. We do not use ADHD as an "excuse" to explain away his behavior but I have had to learn that I really do have to explain, approach and parent a little differently with him. He still gets disciplined for inappropriate behavior just as we do our other children. After much research, and no medicine I would like to add, we have got him under control. If I do not work on his level we can have some pretty hectic days.
5.) It does not matter what "others" think of you as a parent, as long as you do your best! People like to run their mouths about things they have NO IDEA about. They do not live within your circumstances or within your walls so they have absolutely no idea about life in your shoes. STOP trying to please others and focus on your family! I can assure you they mess up too. It may not be in the same areas but they have a weakness too!
6.) The Greatest of these is love! Children NEED love! They NEED to hear, "I Love You". They need to be hugged. They need to be kissed. And they NEED UNDIVIDED ATTENTION!! Often!! Ignoring your child so you do not miss out on the newest episode of the lastest television fad IS noticed. They note that you would rather watch television than play or spend time with them. Remember what is important! Is it your child, or the other millions of things that compete for your time???

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  1. sounds like you've learned some great lessons along the way. aren't kids great? Stopping by from mama kats kelley at the road goes ever ever on

  2. I love this post. I too had some of those misconceptions pre-kids that I totally don't have now. That kid screaming in the grocery store, mom gets more sympathy from me now and less annoyed glances in her direction.

  3. Time indeed flies. I can't believe my oldest baby is 9 :(

  4. I can definitely relate. :)