Saturday, July 5, 2014

Philippines Sharing Begins NOW!

Wonder what the new blog background is all about? Airplane? Clouds? If you have been hanging around my blog much in the past few months, you will remember that I went on a trip to Cebu, Philippines to distribute shoe boxes with Operation Christmas Child. Some of you may have been around for my journey as I was getting ready to go. I also promised to share about the trip here once I returned, well I am ready! Everyone told me that it would take me some time to process everything that I seen and done in order to share with others but I didn't believe them. Well, they were right! It took me a week just to get my sleep back on schedule! But enough about that, it is time for some pictures and stories- God's stories! [...]

Thursday, July 3, 2014

College Class Organization

I am currently taking classes online through Liberty University and I thought it may be useful to others if I share how I organize my class work and keep up with all the deadlines. While I am taking my classes online, this would also work for any students who are taking classes on campus. Being a full time student means you are doing a lot of work and if you do not stay on top of it all it can overwhelm you-in return, bad grades. But with organization, self discipline, and lots of study you are sure to be on the deans list semester after semester.[...]