Monday, January 5, 2015

Move Over Pills, Oils Are Here!

Have you ever had a runny nose, headache, toothache, earache, backache, cough, congestion? Well you get the picture. Being human, I'm guessing everyone who reads this will answer yes. But my next question is, what do you do when you have one of these things? For me it was usually drive to the local pharmacy or store and pick up the brand drug of choice, drive home, take it, and then usually need another type of drug to counteract something that the drug I just took did. Did that make sense? Okay it did to me. So what do you do? We live in a world where pharmaceuticals are at an all time high. Don't believe me how bad it is? Look it up! I searched for drug epidemic and I found different numbers but all of them were shocking. So what do we do about it? For me and my family, we are easing up on the pills and we have turned to using essential oils.
I must admit, several years ago I had a friend who talked about using essential oils and I thought she was a quack. But now I realize I was the quack. I had just made an uninformed decision that was not a very smart one. After researching how they work on the body, why they work and some trial and error, I am a believer. If you take the time to read the boring scientific lingo about how cells work and what the oils do to the cells it makes complete sense as to why they DO work. To avoid you some boring lingo, allow me to paraphrase how they work. If you don't like boring, better skip the next paragraph and go to the next.

Every cell in your body has a chemical make up. The good cells, the bad cells, the viruses that come into your body, bacteria, etc. etc.- it all has cell make up. Once these cells are together they need different things to survive. They need proteins and all kinds of other stuff that I cannot pronounce. Hold that thought. Your body makes DNA. That DNA is made of cells and the only way for that DNA to continue its making is to copy what is already in your body. So if you have bad cells, say cancer cells, hanging on to that strand and your body copies that strand, guess what it replicates? You got it, the cancer cells. That is how it grows. In order for those "bad: cells to go away, we have to give our body the fighting equipment it needs. This comes in the forms of vitamins, proteins and other stuff. Hence why vitamins and proper diet are important.

But here is where the oils come in. Sometimes the things we ingest to help our body get so broke down that it is not that strong once it reaches the source. The oils are applied topically on the skin and within 21 minutes it reaches every cell in the body! Wahooo! I call that a joy ride! Let me go ahead and say this. I am not a health junky but the more I learn about how the body works, I see the need for me to be as healthy as possible. I am striving to be better to my body. All I am saying is there are side effects to every drug you take. Why do I want more problems that just the one I am having trouble with? To me that does not make much sense. If I can treat it without adding any other problems, well that seems just smart.

 Just to show you what they have done for us, below are some of my personal families testimonials.

#1- My mama had a clogged tear duct in her left eye. It watered constantly and she was looking at eye surgery to have a stint put in to open it up. She applied lavender oil and occasionally tea tree oil (diluted and NOT in the eye directly) around the outside of her eye and on the bridge of her nose for about two weeks and it it completely healed. She even noted an improvement in her night vision. Wish I would have took pictures of this because it is truly remarkable.

#2- My youngest son has a milk allergy. So bad that if he gets a hold of a chip that has milk ingredients in it, he breaks out. When he gets a large amount of milk, he has a rash, eyes swell, he gags, sneezes, nose runs and occasionally vomits- you get the picture, he is ALLERGIC. So I looked up what to do for a lactose intolerance- lemongrass oil. I do not give him the milk intentionally but if he gets a hold of some I put a diluted amount of lemongrass and lavender on his belly and on the bottoms of his feet. Within 15 minutes, he is fine.

#3- My oldest son deals with constipation bad. He was on a prescription for it. I looked it up and it says to rub diluted orange oil on their belly and lower back. I did (and do regularly) and he is OFF the prescription medicine AND the belly pains that would double him over that the doctors did not seem to concerned about- has went away. He is regular as well. :)

December 15th 2014 at 8:03 pm
#4- I dropped a piece of metal from a bed frame on my leg and it got infected. I let it bleed a bit and then washed it off and put a band-aid on it but it still got infected. When it got infected and hurt so bad I could not shave, I thought about applying the oils. Here it is just minutes before I started to put oils on it.

December 16th 2014at 6:11 am
Here it is the next morning! Just one application of several oils. Tea tree, pine, (for severe infection) lavender, patchouli and lemongrass.

December 16th 2014 at 9:10 pm

And here it is just a little over 24 hours later! This was after a total of three oil applications.

December 18th 2014 at 10:01 pm

This is after only 3 days from that first picture! 7 oil applications later.

January 5th at 7:11 am

Here it is today, literally this morning. I only put the healing oils on it for one week and then I started to put oils on it to reduce scaring. I used helichrysum, patchouli, lemongrass, and vitamin E oil in a roller bottle. I will keep using that and see how the scaring does.

#5- Last but not least, THE FLU! (Dum, dum, dum...... imagine some music here.)  My whole household came down with the flu about 2 weeks ago. It was going around in our church. We did not use any prescription drugs or over the counter drugs except for some ibuprofen when we had the aches and chills.(2 days max). We were over the majority of the flu symptoms after only 2 1/2 days! We know it was the flu because we had a test done at the doctors office. We applied different oils that were recommended for influenza about every 2 hours and it kicked its tail! We were up out of bed, doing housework, playing, whatever. The only thing that lasted longer than that was the runny nose and the cough.(The runny nose thing is a good thing- keeps you from picking up other viruses while you are sick!)

And there are tons more examples I could give you but this post is long enough! Okay so a few more, my kids are off allergy medicine because of lavender and ginger, when they get the croup their are oils that help even after the doctor says there is nothing you can do for the croup, stomach bug help is here with oils. Seriously I have to stop!

As for how to get started in oils yourself. Do your research! Do not just start throwing things on. Some oils can't be used with high blood pressure, epileptics, children, etc. etc. I personally do not ingest any oils. I only use them in a diffuser and topically and have had great results. There is a lot to it so take time to learn.

The book that I use to look up my symptoms to see which oils to use is Reference Guide for Essential Oils. It has a lot of great information in it including the boring scientific stuff I referenced to earlier. It also has a lot of information about research that was done on essential oils at various universities and different studies that was done.
Plus it tells you what essential oils to use for just about every thing under the sun.

Some of the oil companies I use are:
Now Foods
Eden's Garden
Plant Therapy

Eden's Garden is my favorite because theirs is 100% therapeutic grade and is much more affordable than a couple of the other brands out there that say theirs is 100% therapeutic as well.

So there you have it. Later I will share how I made a mini holder for my essentials oils. It holds 20 bottles of oils in a case smaller than a checkbook cover.

So have you jumped on the essential oil wagon? Do they work for you and your family? I would love to hear!

***Disclaimer- I am not a doctor. This information is not meant to take the place of your physician's advice. Do not quit taking any medications without first seeking the advice of your doctor. The information I shared here is what has worked for my family. Use your own judgment. - No monies received from the links provided in this post. They are provided as a courtesy. ***

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  1. Yes, we are definitely sold on essential oils also with success stories as well. They are our official medicine cabinet and have been used to treat everything that has come our way. I call it God's pharmacy! :) Thanks for sharing this wonderful information on the Art of Home-Making Mondays!

    1. It truly is amazing! God created the body and He provides the way to care for it. :)