New Year's Resolution: Pay Attention in Church- Free Printable

A new year always brings with it new year's resolutions. What better resolution than to spend more time with the person who means the most to you. No not a girlfriend, boyfriend, mom, dad, or spouse. Some one more important: God. Today I have some (more specifically four!) free printables for you to print and give to your child to help them learn to pay attention in church. Instead of doodling super heroes, dolls or who knows what else, these printables will encourage them to doodle about the message. And hopefully they will be learning important information along the way. The first printable is for preschool and kindergarteners. I understand that there are some things on the page that they will either have to have some help with or may not be able to do at all in the beginning. Our goal is to encourage Growth! If we only give them things they are comfortable with and do not have to strive to do, we are not encouraging them to grow. So if your preschooler or kindergartner can not do everything on the sheet initially, great. Now you know where you can help them. second printable is for first and second graders. Remember again that different children learn at different ages so some may need help more than others filling out the page in the beginning. Remember to not expect perfection but progress. If they fill out most of the page that is proof they are paying attention some!
The third printable is for third through fifth graders. This form is similar to the other two but it has room for more thought provoking note taking. Everything we have our children do today shapes them for tomorrow and growing their relationship with Christ is not any different. If we encourage them to listen and take notes today, chances are they will continue this into their adult life. What a legacy to have children who value the worship service time as a time of learning and growth!
The fourth and final printable is one for the child to use throughout the week. This is to encourage them to share Jesus with others, do simple servant acts for others, pray and to read their Bible daily. One sheet for all week. The little call out box on the top right corner of the page, well you will have to come back next Tuesday to learn what that is for. ;)

My intentions are to bind these with a laminated cover so that my sons can carry them to church every week without destroying them. I also plan to incorporate these into the weekly curriculum that I use where I am the children's director. Come back next Tuesday to see the finished product and to see how I am using these with a curriculum. I hope you enjoy them. Let me know how these help your child!

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