Friday, February 21, 2014

A Random Act of Kindness To Honor

Do you ever have something that you hear about, read about or see that you can not forget about? Well that happened to me today. I started doing writers workshop prompts to challenge me to grow in my writing. So I pulled up the inspiration prompts and starting reading. I read them all, then made my choice. I started writing and before long done! But ever since I first read those prompts, there is one I can not quit thinking about. And that one is not the one I have already wrote about. Let me be a part of Conner's Honor!

As I read through the prompts and came across this challenge my heart just ached for this lady and her husband. You can go and read the complete story but to summarize until you can go over and read, Connor passed away in the womb during the 30th week of pregnancy. Because Connor was so big already, she had to give birth to Connor. I can not imagine! That is a woman of true strength! Connor came into this world, stillborn, on March 7, 2013.

To remember Connor's life and honor what would have been his first birthday, his family has requested that random acts of kindness be done to share his honor. Although Connor's mother states that she knows usually random acts of kindness goes on in secret, she has requested that once people complete one that they share it. She wants to compile them and print them out.

So off to honor Connor I went......
 I chose this card because of the butterflies on it. It correlates with the picture of Connor's foot prints.

Then I wrote inside:

 "You have just received a Random Act of Kindness! I hope you enjoy your pain for food! I know it isn't much- but hope it brightens your day! God loves you! This act was done to honor a little boy named Conner. He was going to be a year old this month had he been born (alive). Conner died in womb."

I think the verse preprinted on the inside of the card was perfect for the cause! "The blessing of the Lord be upon you." Psalm 129:8 KJV

I first went to KFC and waited in the parking lot to see if someone was going to come in thru the drive thru behind me. No one came- so I left. I then went to McDonalds. I ordered for us, pulled around and paid. They were busy and the clerk had already taken my money, still I sit at that same window. She looked at me like I was crazy. I told her I needed to find out the amount of the order behind me. She smiled great big and was telling me what they were ordering. 

Finally she gave me the total and I handed her the money. I told her when they pulled up to the window to give them the card that I then handed her. I asked her to hold them up for just a minute at the window so that I could get my items and drive off- then they would not see it was me who gave it. She agreed- SMILING ever so big. I pulled up, got my items and pulled away. I glanced back as I was pulling into the highway and they were stopped at the window with their heads looking down. My guess is they were reading the card. I do not know where they went after that because I did not look back again.

I do not personally know Connor's family but I feel so connected to their heartache. You see I miscarried with my third pregnancy in August 2012. I was early in the pregnancy so I did not have to do as this mama did- giving birth.  I know the lonely feeling of knowing a baby was supposed to be there- and then they are gone. I can not even begin to imagine all this mother went through when she seen and held that lifeless little boy.

I do not want for any comments to be posted below because I did not do this to be seen. I wanted to honor Connor's life. Instead, go over to Connor's family and leave them an encouraging word.

Connor you may not be here today but you are still making an impact on the world! Today your life touched 4 people- the two people in the car behind me, the McDonalds cashier and ME!!

If you read this and want to do a random act of kindness to honor Connor but you do not blog- You can share about it on facebook with hashtag-  #connorscrew The family will see it there.


  1. I know you said you don't want comments here. However, I'm making an exception to the rule for myself. I want to personally thank you for taking the time to complete a task to honor my little boy! It has warmed my, and my husband's, heart so much to hear of all these wonderful acts.

    I'm so sorry for your loss as well. No matter of the gestational age, so many hopes and dreams are lost when we lose a baby. *big virtual hugs*

    Much love,
    Connor's Mom :)

  2. That filled my heart so much. What a great act of kindness in honor of Connor. May he rest in peace.

  3. UPDATE: Suzie's new blog about Connor can be found at the above link will not work.