Thursday, February 27, 2014

Home Schooling Fumble

From the beginning I knew I wanted to home school. I could teach my kids what I wanted them to learn, Christian values along with their core requirements, in a way that was catered to their individual learning style. But somewhere along the line I got so preoccupied with record keeping and lesson planning that I lost sight of the fun that was supposed to be involved. School was now boring and my son hated the thoughts of doing his work. And I hated that I had to make him do his work. But while researching ways to help my son to like reading I come across.......
an article by Kim at Not Consumed. She says about her son, "I love that he can be free to learn in the way that he needs. Of course, this choice brings serious challenges to our school day. It forces me to think outside of the typical “school” box and allow him the freedom to learn while standing on his head. (If you have a kid like this…you know that I am seriously not kidding about that.)" She continues further down in the article, "There is absolutely NO research out there that says that children learn best when sitting in a desk. As a homeschooler, you have the freedom to let him/her stand at the table, or learn math facts while doing hopscotch, or stand on his head while he recites a poem. Really, it will be ok!" 

BOY did I need to hear that!!! My son is the same way. Keeping him still is a job! Now no matter where I am I can be teaching my child! You know I knew that, I just needed that reminder. Of course I still do the formal part of school as well but now I am striving to do a lot of lifestyle teaching as well.

Like counting money in Walmart while we put change in the "spinny thingy" as my kids call it.....

Or counting grapes while we are making a recipe. (He got to 88 then I started talking and messed him up! He said, "Awww mom! Please don't make me start all over again!" I laughed!

I also went to the bookstore and got him some books about his favorite action heroes. Since he LOVES to play games I also got him a game that  teaches him how to read. It is reading in disquise. He LOVES the game and asks me to play all the time! He is learning, wanting to do it and having fun all at the same time. No more begging for cooperation on my behalf, except when it comes to the formal part. I do tell him now that after he does his written work that we can play the game. He hurries so he can play!

Thank you Kim for the reminder!! Home schooling is supposed to be about my child not about a set of learning rules! We are back to learning with fun! But you know I had a thought. This is what mommy's are supposed to do anyway- teach their kids in everyday life! It is our responsibility that our children learn, not other people's responsibility.

For a little bit, I made a home schooling fumble! So glad I am back in the game!

Are you a home schooler who has some fun learning activities you can share? I would love to hear about them below!

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