Saturday, April 12, 2014

Before the Crash

You ever start doing something only after a while you realize that now it is a distraction? Well it happened to me, so I decided to stop before I crashed! Let me tell you about it...

You see I started blogging as a way to "vent" if you will. Well, not only that, other things too. But lets say my posts on Facebook were getting to be a bit long. I wanted to blog about my kids, about the Lord and all the hard lessons I have learned along the way. But somewhere along the way, my posts became top priority. Maybe it was the goals I wanted to achieve, maybe it was the things I wanted to say, honestly I can not put my finger on the exact thing it was. But I did not like that I was spending HOURS on the computer, taking pictures to share and then actually writing the post.

So this is my first post this week. I decided to take a little time off to "refocus". I always want to keep life in balance. I know about myself that in order to do that I must "step away" sometimes to clear my head. Sooooo.....

I'm back! I may not post everyday but I will post often. But I can guarantee you this, my posts will not be taking away from my family time! :) I took a break before I crashed!

Do you get distracted by things in life? What are they? And how do you refocus yourself?


  1. Apparently I am getting more distracted then my brain can handle. Two panic attacks in two weeks, it SUCKS!

  2. Finding balance is always a challenge when you are a blogger. It's good to take a break now and then and refocus.

    But don't give up!