Friday, April 18, 2014

FMF: Glue


Glue. It holds stuff together.  Being a crafty person I have TONS of it on hand at all times. Some for paper, some for glass, some for puzzles, some for wood- you name it and I probably have it! But today is Good Friday and honestly I am not in the crafting kind of mood. [...]
I was surfing my social media page and came a cross a picture that reminded me about when Jesus was on the cross and He hung His head and gave up His spirit. See there was a time as a Christian I did not get to emotional about Good Friday nor Easter for that matter. Yes I celebrated it. But there was not a deep down sorry or joy like I feel now.

We would get up, get dressed and off to sunrise we would go; that was on Easter morning. But the Friday before would get no thought that was a day of death. This morning I seen the prompt was on glue and it just resonated with what I was already thinking. It was not glue that held Jesus to that Cross and it sure was not the nails in His hands and feet. It could have came down at any point He wanted.

No. It wasn't glue.
No. It was not the nails.

It was the Love that held Him there! His Love for YOU and ME!


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Five Minute Friday


  1. Love this. Sometimes you just need perspective. I read another great blog about the crucification here (

  2. So amazing! No glue or nails. Only love. Amazing love. Happy Easter! Visiting from FMF.