Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Countdown has begun! 11 days....

So perhaps you have clued into the large icon on the left hand side of the page that says "My Trip To the Philippines". Well guess what!? It is 11 days away! Since I promised to keep you guys updated and many people who have supported me have this website as a way of update, I will be posting often to share with you! [...]Several weeks ago I got my suitcase for the trip. They recommend us only taking our carry on bag so that we don't get over there and not have any of our things. So I will be packing shoeboxes to give out and my clothes for a week in that one bag! Oh and my backpack will have stuff in it too.

In addition to the shoe boxes I have packed I am going to take "goodies" for the kids. This will consist of suckers, necklaces for the girls, cars for the boys, birthday party blowers, rainbow loom bracelets, "Best Friend" necklaces to give to the girls that steal my heart <3 and little packs of crayons.

Last week I had my doctors appointment to get medications to prevent things like Malaria. I also got some antibiotics in case I got sick while over there and some motion sickness patches so I don't get sick on the plane! I also had my few shots that I still needed. Those things were OUTRAGEOUS!! My private insurance did not pay for them. UGH! And my arm still hurts from them. OUCH!

So we as a family have been praying for the trip. For protection, safety, health, safe travels, the children, the pastors, the Leadership Team, anything and everything we can think of basically! I even decided that we needed to have a "table setting" to gear us up for the occasion.

Our prayer request box is the gold box on the left side of the table and two of the three shoeboxes I will be taking are at the end of the table. One of them is in the white bag cause it is to full! Got to find a bigger box!
 Justin says, 'It looks like Christmas". I said well yes that is the point Operation Christmas Child! Complete with a Christmas tree in May! :)

This is my new favorite addition!!
Handmade coasters and glasses. The glasses say Good News. Great Joy. The kids love drinking at our supper out of these glasses. They say it is our "fancy glasses". :) I'll post pictures of my plates soon, stay tuned! :)

So the rest of this week and next week will be busy as I finish packing and having planning calls about the trip.  I must ask for your prayers though. As much as I am getting excited and counting down the days, there are thoughts that go through my mind like, What if something happens to my boys while I am away? What if something was to happen to me? Will they be okay without me? And on and on and on. I know a lot of it is unnecessary mind jabber but I know I am going to be an emotional wreck when I have to tell them all goodbye for a week. Will you please pray that it will be easy on them and on me as well. People assume that I am just going on this trip for a "vacation" but I assure you that is far from the truth! I 100% without a doubt know that this is all God that planned this! It truly is a sacrifice for me to leave my kids for a whole week. But sometimes God requires sacrifice. I know this trip will make me more efficient in sharing with people about what a shoebox gift does! I can't wait to see what God does!! Stay tuned!

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  1. What an amazing opportunity for you! I will be praying for you for sure. =) Can't wait to hear about it