Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Enjoying Every Moment

I am sure you probably get tired of reading reminders about enjoying everyday but I can't help it- It is something dear to my heart. Maybe I don't even put it on here to remind you as much as I do it to remind myself.
One of my deepest fears is that something tragic will happen to my kids. I am so paranoid sometimes it isn't even funny. My husband gets so aggravated at me sometimes and says that I can think up the most crazy things. I can't help it! Working as a 911 dispatcher, I answer phones to hear some of the worst things on the other end.
But today I read a story that reminded me what I have been fussing about for the last several days, is actually something I had better be enjoying. {...}
It makes me so mad. I can spend hours and hours cleaning only to come in later in the day for the house to look like a tornado has hit it. Whyyyyyy do I even try! But then I read this line...

"As I sat in the middle of my boys' room - with Truman's toys scattered across the floor & his drawers still half opened with clothes spilling out & his little cups of dry cereal all over the place - my prayer was that everyone here today sees the glory of God in our family in the midst of this devastating storm.  I pray that as we share Truman's life with you - you will see God in his life. "
And then I read the rest of the story. MAN! At this point I had to bawl my eyes out and change my mindset, again. Lord THANK YOU for these toys scattered all across the floor, with his dressers still half opened and for the clothes spilling out and the little dry cereal all over the place! As I read her story I could see traits she was talking about in my boys. Moments that make me want to pull my hair out at times are the moments she is wishing she could have back!

Mamas- enjoy those kids! The money will come and go and the career can come later, but these moments with our kids will be gone as they grow. Enjoy the moments! Enjoy every one of them!

Go read the rest of Truman's story at Teaching 2 Many Diligently. If the story touches your heart, leave a comment on her page. This lady's faith is such a beautiful thing!

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  1. Sometimes it takes something like that to make you realize how those little things are a blessing.