Friday, January 2, 2015

Fridays Fave Five 01.02.2015

I like the idea of recapping the week to remember what was great about it. Focusing on the positive always helps one to forget about the negative and after all we are blessed in far more ways than we take time to acknowledge. SO, each Friday I want to take time to post my favorite five things about the week. To summarize this week as a teaser here are my five keywords: bottom, book, basement, cat, couch. To get the full story, keep reading! Here goes for this week....
#1.) Earlier today I wrote a post and included a You-tube video of my 18 month old and my dad sweeping my floor with my sons bottom. Sounds crazy I know but it is quite cute. Hope on over to A New Year's Sweeping to see the video. To summarize, this week I loved spending time with my family.

#2.) I have been praying for months about the direction to take our children where I am the children's director at my local church. Everything is coming together beautifully. This is a picture of the cover of the book I am working on. I will do a post on the finished product next Tuesday and I already did a post with the free printable sheets to go inside over at New Year's Resolution- Pay Attention in Church. I can not wait to give these to the kids on Sunday. I truly enjoyed making these books this week.

#3.) I am LOVING how my basement is shaping up. I have worked for about an hour a day for the last week down there, throwing away, donating and sorting all the junk. You will never believe the before pictures but I want to wait until the project is finished to share those. Can't wait to see how things look next week!

#4.) I am getting attached to my new cat! She showed up here a few weeks ago and we didn't feed her for several days hoping that she would return to wherever she came from. But she hasn't left our house since she got here. She slept on the porch in a box with a blanket for several weeks but she kept wanting in the house. We let her in and she is SO SWEET! She is declawed on her front paws and she and the dogs get along great. She LOVES the boys. This is her laying in my arms with her legs stretched out while she purred as I scratched her head. I have never had an inside cat so this is all new to me. :)

#5.) Last but not least, I love this picture of brotherly love. Aaron got a mini couch for Christmas and he and Ian have shared it quite a bit this week. It is super cute to see them sitting there beside each other. They are growing so fast. :(

So this was my wonderful week! How was yours? I'd love to hear.

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  1. Your little ones on the mini couch are so cute. That sounds like a wonderful kittie.

    How neat that you made a book from scratch for the kids at church!

    The basement project sounds like it is coming along great.

    1. Thanks Barbara. I just hope I can keep on the same track with the basement. :)

  2. Your boys are so cute! It is great when they are buddies--hopefully for their whole lives.

    1. Prayerfully so Willow. I just love seeing their brotherly love. :)