Saturday, January 10, 2015

Getting Serious with Jesus

In the past I have done well with my daily Bible reading. But every time I get to going well, something happens that throws my plan for a loop. Does that happen to you too? I can start a study and be taking notes and doing well but then I get off track and start reading random passages. I suppose there is nothing wrong with that method but I want to be more intentional. A lot of people do the reading through the Bible in a year plan but I wanted to be a little more aggressive with my reading. So here is my plan. Would you consider joining in with me?
First of all, I am scheduling a time with myself for reading. For me personally if I do not schedule a time to do things, I am bad to not do it. Scheduling things gets them done around here. I am also NOT a morning person. I am a night owl. So for me my Bible reading will be done before bed each night. I will do a mini devotion in the morning but nothing like my night reading.

I found a reading plan to read through the Bible in six months at "The V.E.T.I Network". I really like their plan because it gives you a day off from the schedule every once in a while to do your own readings but yet it still gets the reading done in six months. To go with it I found a Bible Reading chart to mark off when I read a book and chapter. For me a the chart is a good visual. You can visit The Things Hannah Loves to download the chart for free.

Now to document what I read, learn and prayer requests. In the past I have had a journal for prayer requests, one for my Bible reading notes and one for my revelations from God. To many notebooks! I created this journal to cover the things are important for me to note. This is created on a half of a 8 1/2 x 11 page so make sure you plan accordingly before printing. I simply cut my paper in half before I fed it through the printer. This makes it a more manageable size which fits in my bag with my Bible nicely.
There is a daily page for me to record the passage I read that day, the questions I had while reading, what God revealed to me as I read, the blessings I seen today, the new prayer requests that were given to me today and a check for my attitude. The prayer request section is to record ones that are for a specific day such as a friend is having a medical test that day and they want me to pray. Or a new prayer request that was given to me new that day.There is an ongoing prayer page below for you to record long term prayer requests.
Every month I can start with a clean page and carry over the requests that need to be covered over. This will encourage me to touch base with those individuals to get a status on their request. You would not believe how people are touched because they realize you are actually praying for them. So many times people ask us to pray for them and we say they will but then we do not think anything else about it. If we write it down, we won't forget to pray!

My plans are to bind this in a three ring binder so that I can add to it as necessary. Simply click the pictures to download and print them for yourself.

So here is my plan, whats yours? Intentionality is the key to growth. Nothing great happens by accident! Make 2015 a year you grow in the Lord and I guarantee you will not regret it!

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  1. Love your organization, your notebook for prayer requests. I enjoy studying the Bible with Precept. As a group of women we use the Precept handbook and do inductive Bible study--one book at a time. We have been in Luke this winter, seeing new insights. I'm your neighbor at the Weekend Brew. Have a blessed weekend!

    1. Thank you Carol. Precept? I have never heard of that before. Can I look that up online or is it by invitation to join? Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hi Kyleigh; yes I can relate to your message here. I can become distracted from my daily reading plan easily too! A set time and routine works well for me too, and that is one of my prayers~to be more disciplined and eager to jump into it daily! Sounds like a wonderful plan you have-wishing you the very best!

    1. Just pray I will stay disciplined as well. Praying for discipline and eagerness for you as well!