Saturday, January 10, 2015

When You Gonna Get Married?

As a young person wanting to get married some day those words get old. Seriously! But when my 3 year old asked me that several times this last week, well, I wondered why he was asking. Initially I asked him why he wanted to know that. I got the response that he wanted to marry me. But after the first several times I was a little concerned. When I told him that we got married before he was born, well he was stumped. It is as if he did not understand that we were here before he was. But what I did next showed not only him we had gotten married but reminded me why too. What should you do if you are still waiting on that perfect spouse to come along? Keep reading! I got out the video of our marriage ceremony and we watched it. We got married at the courthouse so it was all of 5 minutes long but he was fascinated!  Can you tell by his face in the above picture? He watched it once and then wanted to watch it again. But my hubby and I watched it to and it brought back all of those feelings we had for one another when we got married.

After being married for over 12 years now, had my share of marriage problems and recovered to tell about them, one thing I have learned to share. Marriage is NOT easy! There are some days you don't "feel" like you are in love and can hardly stand one another. But you keep standing on the commitment you made to one another. Then some days you "feel" so in love that you can not imagine what you would do without each other. You can not depend on feelings is what I am trying to say. We have learned that communication is the KEY factor in avoiding problems. If you keep things bottled up without talking, well you are in for some trouble. If you can not talk to your spouse about things without it getting heated, go talk with someone else present. This will keep you from lashing out at one another.

But what if you are single and waiting on Mr or Mrs. right? I encourage you to read as many marriage books as you can. Read books about problems in marriage. Read books about the love languages. Read books about communication. Start praying for a servants heart because that is what marriage requires. If you do not give but only take, take, take, it will not work. I could share all day on this subject but that is enough for now.

Returning to my son, he seen we did live before he was born and has stopped asking when we are going to get married (even though he says we got married just the other day when he watched the video- oh well on to a new problem!)

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