Tuesday, April 26, 2016

No More Babies!----ADOPT???

Do you ever say something and then wonder what you were thinking? Well that has happened to me. My husband, Rob, and I have three boys together, Justin-9, Ian-4 and Aaron-2. I get asked all the time, "Well when are you going to try for a girl?" "Oh come on, just one more." We'll my answer is NO! I have been pregnant 4 times, one baby I lost in pregnancy and the other three boys I had to have c-sections for. To put it humorously, if I have anymore my uterus will fall out! Bahahahahaha! Well let's just say God has a sense of humor. Keep reading!
In all of this I have come to say over the last several years that I always wanted to "have" 3 kids. I didn't care if they were boys or girls, just healthy. The day that my baby Aaron was born I knew that our family was "complete" meaning I wasn't sitting around dreaming about the next baby. I was ready to have our family grow up together while I was still young enough for us to do things together. And no I am not knocking older parents, just what I wanted to do with my kids. I also begin to entertain the idea of adopting a child.

I never told my husband but I begin to pray about it. Shoot, I knew we would never have the money to adopt a kid so what would it hurt to pray right, it's not like I had to prepare as if it was going to happen, right? Have you ever heard the saying "If you write it down it will happen?" We'll I was even brave enough to put it on my Dream Board! (Remember, I still never mentioned it to my husband)

Through all of this I said that I didn't want a "baby" but a young child. With all of the kids out there in the world that doesn't have a home, I wanted to give a child a home that didn't have one. Ready for the real miracle? I have a little girl living with me and I did not do not one thing to bring her here!

The little girl that I have in our home is a distant family member. She is two years old. She has been abused in more ways than one. She tested positive for drugs in her system. She is behind developmentally and almost deaf. But at the same time she is absolutely perfect.

To make a long story short and to avoid airing dirty laundry, She has come such a long way.

-When I got her she had never been to the doctor before. She is almost completely up to date on everything and even had a surgery! Her hearing aids have been fitted and we get those in May!
- When I got her she could only say two-three words; pawpaw, cup and mama. Now she goes to speech therapy where she is not only making complete sentences but she is signing as well!
-When I got her she was so very scared of everyone and everything. Now she high fives everyone and wants to hug as many as will let her. When I took her to a doctors appointment this week they absolutely could not believe she was the same child.
Here she is when we first brought her to live with us in January.

I tell you all of this not to brag on us but to show you and tell you that their are kids out there who need homes. You can not just close your ears and pretend it is not there. I will admit that we have been on an emotional roller coaster through all of this. There have been times when I wondered what I had got myself into. But on the other hand, I know that God was preparing me to take her in and for me to be her mom. I always wondered if I could love another child that I did not carry and I am pleased to report, I can!

Through all of this I have had to learn how to deal with all of the struggles that come along with it.
Will she love me? Will she love our family?
Are we what she needs? Can we provide everything she needs?
I never understood what people were talking about when they said adoption was "hard" but now I know.

We are fighting to try and make her ours, permanently. She has become a part of our family and she is a perfect little addition!

So I must say I stuck my foot in my mouth.....No More Babies?????-------------------Yes! Adopt!

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