Sunday, June 4, 2017

Fervent Online Bible Study June 4-11- Plus FREE printable!

No don't worry, our series does not officially start until June 12! However, I do have some homework for you for this week leading up to our first week. Consider it if you will an "observation" time. A time to be looking through your binoculars of life to see exactly what your enemy is up to. It is a time to be in camouflage sitting quietly in the bushes to see exactly what your enemy is planning. In war, your enemy isn't going to take it easy on you just because you are not prepared. During an attack you can't say, "Hold on one second and let me reload." No! You MUST be prepared for an attack at any time! Watch the video for more information about this week's assignment.

I want for you to hit the ground running in the war of your life so I have made you 10 cards that you can print and put up in your house, put in your wallet, put by your desk, wherever- just USE them! A weapon does you no good sitting on a shelf, left at home, if you need it in an emergency. Have these cards WITH YOU at all times. You never know when the enemy is going to start a full fledged attack! Simply click the picture below for your free printable.
Finally, here is you a printable study schedule to keep you on track.
I so can not wait to dive into this amazing book with you! Stay on guard soldier!
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