Thursday, July 13, 2017

#16- Fervent Online Bible Study (Your Pressures)

Go here, go there. Groceries, bills to pay, pick up dry cleaning, put gas in the car, get oil changed, take kids to practice, run to social group, and on and on and on. Where does God fit in all of this? In a 5 minute slot weekly if your lucky? Or is it the only day the Bible is cracked open is in church on Sunday morning where we walk out and leave God in the church because He SURE isn't involved in our everyday lives? Did you know busyness can even be a tactic of the enemy? Keep reading...It is true. He (the enemy) LOVES to see us so busy that we do not have time for God. In fact busyness is one of his slyest tricks in the book. See it doesn't look all that bad after all we are not doing anything wrong. Or are we? This weeks video will touch base on the subject.
How about you? Do you think that some of your daily activities could be the enemy playing on your life? Are you pulling idols up above God? This is a super hard subject guys but I promise you, it is so worth it to SLOW DOWN and put God first!! Jump over on the facebook group and share with us some of your pressures that have kept you enslaved like the chapter discusses. Was it happening and you not even aware of it until you read this chapter? It happens to all of us at some point, just recognize it, make a prayer strategy against it and learn from it. Oh, and of course, teach someone else what you learned. ;)

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