Thursday, July 20, 2017

#18- Fervent Online Bible Study (Your Relationships & Amen) Final Video

Can you believe we have made it through 6 weeks together! Time has flown. I feel that God has done great things during our time together. But before we are finished it is time to review the final two chapters in Fervent by Priscilla Shier; Your Relationships and Amen. Keep reading.The chapter on relationships hits home, I mean really! Don't we all have the same types of issues. The key to making it through life with other people in your life is to remember that we are to love, forgive and pray for those who hurt us. It could just be the enemy behind their actions.
I KNOW you can relate with me on this last one! Be honest! We ALL have relationship issues somewhere. Now we need to pray daily that the enemy will not be able to use those people in our lives to trip us up or cause us to sin through our actions.

Finally Amen is the final close to our time together. I SO hope and pray that you have gotten a fresh wind in your sails through this study. I pray that God gave you some answers that you have been seeking and finally I hope that you KNOW why God lead you here! So where do we go now?

The next Bible study we will be doing is "Girls With Swords" by Lisa Bevere. The schedule for this study is not complete yet as I want to give time for those who are still finishing up Fervent to be able to do so before we begin this next study. Go ahead and get your book and check back here often for the schedule. We will be starting somewhere around the end of August / Beginning of September. 
For those of you who HAVE completed the Fervent Bible study, we will be doing a small Bible study using only the Word of God in the mean time. No need to purchase any book, just use THE book- God's Word! Stay tuned for more details this weekend! Thank you so much for joining me on this study! I hope that you will continue in your love of God's Word and perhaps join us for the next study! Hugs my friend!

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