Monday, February 12, 2018

EVERYONE Hates Stoplights!

It never fails, your in a hurry, running late and what happens? You get stuck at a red light. And often times if you have a roadway with a whole section of red light after red light like where I live, one red light catching you means that all the rest of them down the line will too. Errr! I despise those things! Or at least I did. 

Upon returning home from a wonderful girls Bible journaling weekend this last weekend I finally looked at a red light in a different way. Today I wasn't in a hurry to get home. It was rainy out and I was just taking it slow and taking the scenery in. The cars in front of me had displayed their braking lights which prompted me to hit mine and be a little more observant. About the time I eased to a stop at the (you guessed it) red light I seen a car on my right flying toward the intersection. It did not hit it's brakes at all as it jumped over the humps in the pavement through the middle of the intersection. In just a second, the light turned green. "Man," I thought. "I am so glad everyone was stopped before that car came flying through. Someone could have really gotten hurt!" And then I heard it, in my soul.

You see I have always heard Isaiah 40:31- "But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint." Yes I know what it says. But I don't think it really set in until this red light incident. For you see, God sometimes gives us red lights in life. We don't like them. They slow us down. They get in the way of our time tables and plans. But just because we get a red light right now, doesn't mean that God wants for us to sit in the middle of the road and camp out. No, He wants for us to wait, trust Him.
Perhaps He is stopping us to keep us from getting hurt by something along the way, like the car I observed flying through the intersection. Perhaps He wants us to stop just long enough to avoid something down the road. Sometimes however the light is green and He wants for us to go. But just like driving, we must be ready at any moment to have to slow down or stop if the light should so change. I think God wants for us to live life like that too. Keep going down the road He sets us on until He tells us to slow down or stop.

You see ministry is in my soul. Honestly I don't even like that I have been called to it because in ministry you have to deal with people and that means you have to open your heart and possibly be hurt. I do believe that God gave me a red light in ministry for a while. I didn't like it but I can look back and see that He knew what He was doing. But I camped in the middle of the road. He told me it was time to get back at it but I didn't want to listen. So for now, I  am going to put my foot on the gas and go until He either slows me down or stops me at the next life intersection.

How are you doing friend? Are you upset because of a red light that God has put in your life? Has he given you the green light on something but you won't take your foot off of the brake? Embrace the red lights- spiritually of course- but hey, embracing the physical ones might help your stress levels! Hahaha!

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