Monday, July 31, 2017

Until Girls with Swords, Fear of the Lord!!

Yes, the time has FINALLY arrived! You remember that "mini" series I was talking about until we begin Girls with Swords? Well here it is! Fear of the Lord!If you remember when we first started our first Bible study together I said that I wanted for each of you to know how to study the Word of God for yourself. This study will help you do just that. Each day you will have ONE VERSE that you are to look up. It requires that you look up some words online or in an interlinear Bible, but if you don't have a paper copy, the online one is FREE! Can't beat that! This WHOLE study can be completed in 4 hours so I don't think that dividing up 4 hours over 31 days is going to be to much to ask. The information you will come away with about the benefits of fearing the Lord and the scare of also fearing the Lord (different words in the Hebrew language, you are going to be learning all of that ;) ) will make you forever remember what you learn during this month of studies! Without more typing, here is a video that explains how to use the study guide and what I want for you to do. I will only be doing a post or video once a week to review what we learned this week and to answer questions. As always, if you have a question in the mean time, share it over on the Facebook group!

I can't wait to see what God has in store for us! 

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