Friday, March 14, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Crowd


At first thought the fair pops in my mind. There is always a crowd there. Then there was the time that I went to the Nascar race in Charlotte. Now that was a crowd. But since I had kids I pretty much avoid the crowd at all costs. Even the Wal-mart Crowd.

Trying to keep a seven year old and two year old to understand that not everyone in the world is "good guys" and they need to stay with their mommy is always a challenge. Then there is the routine in the parking lot. "You are not tall enough to walk by yourself. Someone will not see you over their car and will back over you. You have to stay with me." And then taking a seven month in among all of that is an experience in and of itself. Trying to avoid the crowd of germs that have happily nested on the buggy handle only to have him bite his teething gums all over it! UCK!

Yes now a days the only crowd that I am in is the crowd of books on my nightstand. Then there is the crowd of toys that I pick up everyday. The crowd of dirty laundry that never ends. The crowd of dirty dishes that are currently sitting in my sink from being sick. Yes their are crowd's everywhere.

But ya know, I don't miss the large "people" crowd's. Nope. I don't. I got my own little crowd (of boys) right here! I heart them all!

Five Minute Friday
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  1. So sweet. I love that your family is so important to you. We have that in common. Thanks for stopping by tonight.

  2. haha! "Large people crowds" - I love it. So true. "the only crowd that I am in is the crowd of books on my nightstand." <- The only crowd I never feel I need a break from. Thanks for sharing your five minutes!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. =) I LOVE your blog as well! Will be back to visit often.

  3. I am not a crowd person! Love this idea though. =)