Saturday, March 15, 2014

Organizing Finances- Finance Binder

Here it is Saturday again. Time for another organizing project! One thing that has made my life so much easier is having all of my bills in one place so that I can find them. Now mind you, I had a full size filing cabinet full of folders but it was just all junked up with stuff that I needed to get rid of. But now this is simple, to the point, and portable!! I love it! Ready to see it????

 This is just a binder that will zip up. I got it at Wal-mart one year at the Back to School sale.
On the front of it there is a pocket that zips up. Inside there are some pen holders (see my pens ;) and a place to put tape, and a stapler. I also keep stamps in that little clear pocket that you see there. But I am currently out at the moment.
Then when you open it, there is this little mini file on the lid. I use it to put envelopes and cards in. I like to keep blank thank you cards, birthday cards, anniversary cards, etc. in case I forgot to buy one and it hits me I need to send one. I also keep pending paperwork in here. Then I have the little pencil holder that goes on the 3 rings in the binder. In there I keep my checkbook, post it notes, calculator and another pen. And now the good part!
Pocket dividers!! Wahoo! That way you do not have to keep a hole punch AND they are secured to the binder. I made a label for each bill that I had and then put the labels in alphabetical order before I slid them into the groove of the divider. I actually have two full sets of 8 (16 total) but I had to cover some up because there were medical bill account numbers on the others. If you have multiple accounts at one place and want to keep them separate like I did- I just did the initials of the place and then put the account number on the divider- that way I could keep them separate. We have a lot of medical bills around these parts (that southern in me!) and I needed to keep the accounts separate so I could make payments every month on every account we had.

 If you notice there is a "medical" tab as well. These are for those doctor bill stubs that you get when you go for an office visit. That way I can pull them out at the end of the year for taxes. =)

And this little tip I picked up off of Pinterest. Know this was not my idea. I went back to Pinterest and tried finding the post where I got this idea so I could link it up here but I can not find it. (I made this folder like 6 or more months ago.) I don't know what key words I used to make it come up but I have tried everything! If I find the original link I will put it on the comments below! Just know it was not my idea!

This makes it SO easy when you want to call and pay a bill or even pay online. You make a sheet like this for EVERY bill you have a divider for and put it in the front of the divider pocket! Then the bill statement every month goes just behind this page. You put the company and their website in the upper right hand corner. Then you put your account number, user id, password and their phone number on the left side along with a note section. Now before you start with the whole, "that isn't very safe" comments let me say this. DON'T LEAVE IT WHERE OTHERS CAN SEE IT! Using a debt or credit card or even the Internet for that matter is not safe anymore but I bet you still use those. Yep.? Okay then. =) I keep my binder put up where someone would have to go through my house with a fine tooth comb to find it. You should do the same with your bills! At least now I don't have to do 30 steps because I forgot my user names and passwords. And to call to pay it- the phone number is right there! No looking at fine print to find the right number! (Smiles for no fine print!)

And there you have it! Every month once you pay a bill you put it in the front of the folder just behind this sheet. The newest bill is always at the front. Then at the end of the year- empty it out and start again!

I love the organized aspect and the portable aspect because there are times when I do my bills as we sit somewhere while the boys play. All the papers are secure so they will not blow away (like if I do them at the park) and I have EVERYTHING I need to do my bills. Check book, calculator, pen, envelopes, stamps, the bill- it is all there and its just perfect! ;)

 Enjoy living in the know- know where your bills are that is! =)

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