Friday, March 14, 2014

Not So Pleasant Reminder

Did your grandmaw ever tell you, "When its gone you'll miss it?" or "Enjoy it while you have it?" or "Don't take things for granted?" My mawmaw sure did and occasionally still does. But I had a not so pleasant reminder over the last two weeks that we should not take things for granted. [...]
You wake up, eat breakfast. A little later you each lunch. Sometime later you eat dinner or supper, depending on where you live. Unless you are sick, then you don't eat anything!

I always hate to see fall and winter of the year because of the risk of sickness that comes along with it. Flu season, cold season and stomach bug season! UCK! I avoid town as much as possible and make sure to do a "are you sick" phone call before visiting relatives. But as much as I avoided things, our household caught the stomach bug! :(

It all started with Ian the Friday before his surgery. Then Justin caught it and then I caught it. Then little baby Aaron caught it. We survived it and thought we were all in the clear. Then I came down with a cold or something only to take the stomach bug AGAIN yesterday! Then in the middle of the night, Ian came down with it again too. I am praying that it is gone and the others in the house do not get it again.

But while my stomach was tore out of frame last night cramping like crazy, I realized just how nice it is that I do not "feel" my stomach all the time. I am grateful that I am able to eat. Grateful that I can swallow. Grateful I do not have to have a stomach tube. Grateful that I can enjoy the taste of food (sometimes a little to much). I am grateful!! I am sure you have heard it said, "You don't appreciate things until you do not have them any more." Well as for me, I have a long list of things I take for granted that I need to be grateful for!

I can see.
I can walk.
I can hear.
I can taste.
I can feel.
I can eat.
I can drink.
I can think for myself.
I can sit up.
I have a heart that beats on its on.
I have both lungs that breathe without me having to think about it.
I have two feet to stand with.
I have two arms to use.

What about you? Is there something you have been taking for granted? Tell God thank you! I think our list of "Thanks" just got a whole lot easier to make. :)

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  1. I thank God for all those things. It's easy to just take them for granted, especially if you have never had problems.