Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Practical Christian Know How Part 4: Memorizing Scripture

So I did a lot of research on memorizing Scripture and I found many many different methods. I tried one of them. It was an index card box that had dividers inside it. This concept did work until you dropped the container and they flew all over the place or until your two year old opened
the box and stowed them all over the house! [...]

From this system however I did find out that the overall concept did work well it just needed to be stored differently. That is when I came across this!
An index card binder! I got this at Wal-mart and it wasn't expensive. I think it was like $3.00. It came with some cards in it but I had already written verses on some other cards so I just punched them and put them in there.

Here is the final product!
I wrote the verse reference up top and then the verse below. I also divided it into three parts. A daily part, even and odd. Now here is how it works. You put verses in the daily section until you get up to 25 verses. You do not try to memorize them but rather review them everyday, several times a day. Take it out and read it then recite it (out loud) and then just try and see if you can say it without the card. If you can't, no stress just move to the next card. You do this every day until eventually you will notice that you can say some of them without the card. Then you will move it to the odd or even section depending on the date. If it is the 14th of the month when you move it you put it in the even section. If is is the 7th, you would put it in the odd section. Then you keep going.

Review the daily section everyday, several times a day. Then if it is an even date, you review the cards under the even tab as well. If it is an odd date, you review the cards under the odd tab. Eventually you will notice that you are actually memorizing scripture! They key is repeating it over and over and over. That is how you will learn it!!

I can not believe the difference since I started doing this! Before my mind was filled with negative feelings and emotions but now when I am going through something, a verse pops to mind! It is so neat! AND the best part about it being in this little binder is if you drop it they will stay in place. You can even put it in your pocketbook and review them while you are out and about! It is amazing how this little book and some work can completely change what is filling your mind!

How about you. Do you have a system for memorizing Scripture? I would love to hear it below

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  1. I have a hard time memorizing scripture, but I print them up and post them around my house.