Saturday, June 28, 2014

Two To Go

Can you believe that June is almost gone!!?? Only two more days till we hit July wide open. I must admit that I LOVE this time of year. The 4th of July did not mean much to me until several years ago. Then after leaving the country this year, I see how truly blessed I am to live here. I will say that I really appreciate and respect our men and women who protect us every day.

But despite the 4th of July plans that I am making and all the decorating that I am doing with flags and red, white and blue colors, I am really excited about July for another reason. Wonder what? [...]
Because I am going to start blogging intentionally! I am making goals, making monthly plans, weekly plans and even daily plans. You see when I started this blog I had absolutely NO idea how much work was involved in it all. It seemed like a good idea, I liked to write, and my social media posts were getting so long that the error message was popping up often. "Error message?" you ask. Yeah! The one that says the post is too long to post. Seriously! So, a blog would be a more appropriate place for me to share life.

I must admit that I love the idea of getting paid to blog. I don't know how people do that or even where to start but I think it would be a perfect fit while I am at home raising my kiddos. I guess we will see what happens. But if it doesn't happen, it isn't going to be because I didn't try or that I did not have a plan.

Today perhaps even as you are reading this, I am creating my editorial calendar, a binder to keep my stuff organized and even scheduling my blogging time into my day so that I don't feel like the Jackal and Hide mom. You know the one where you are sweet and nice one minute but then you snap when you get interrupted. Yes guilty as charged. But I did not like being that way so I quit blogging, well dramatically reduced. Now I realize that instead of quitting, I need to manage better. So that is what I am doing! And I have some awesome plans for July! You will not want to miss it!

So how about you? If you are a blogger:  Do you use an editorial calender? How do you manage it all while finding balance? Can anyone give me tips about how to blog "full-time"? I would love to hear! And if you are not a blogger, how do you manage life? Any tips you tried that has dramatically changed your life? I would love to hear from you too!


  1. I would love to learn how to make money blogging. I already do it every day, but it's just an outlet for me. As for the editorial calendar, I tried it for awhile and it didn't work for me. I do have some regulars that I try to do monthly so I just keep a document going with the last time I posted that and the next planned one. I usually do a lot of my blogging over the weekends and try and "pre-post" them so I don't even have to worry about it during the week.

    1. See I have never "scheduled" posts before, but I am thinking about it. I love to write but it seems ideas come to me in groups but then I get so busy I don't have time to write what I want. Maybe if I sit down like you said and do a bunch and schedule them that will help! Thanks for this! :)