Wednesday, July 5, 2017

#14- Fervent Online Bible Study July 5 (Strategy 6: Your Fears)

Fear. It is such a dreaded four letter word. So much that over and over again God felt it necessary to record "Do not be afraid" or "Fear not". Yes I think that God knows what a problem we have in this area from time to time. Keep reading to watch this weeks video.For me the first time I read this book, no fears came to mind. Nope not one. BUT if you would have handed me this book about 6 months ago to a year, I was OVERCOME with fears and worries! It was defeating! If it was possible to be worried or fearful in the situation, I was, plus some. God and God alone delivered me from that road. But this time as I read the chapter God shown light on another area where I was fearful but I didn't even know it. How about you? What will God show you in this area?
I don't know about you but sometimes God gets on my toes. You know, you think you are doing pretty good in an area until something happens that you realize, there is no area of my life that I don't need God! I think that is the beginning of "the fear of the Lord" that I talk about in the video! How about you? How has fear been haunting you? Did God deliver you from a fear as you read this chapter? Is there areas that you still are fearful? Have you been fearful in the past over things but God delivered you? I want to hear! Jump over on the facebook discussion group and share! In the mean time, make sure you read Strategy 7: Your Purity before Saturday then come back here as we  discuss that strategy! Until then, may the enemy be afraid to bother you and God so present in your life that you can FEEL Him!! Much love my friend!

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