Friday, March 7, 2014

Happy Birthday Connor!

For some, today was a good day. For others, not so much. [...]
I can not speak for Connor's family but today would have been a hard one for me, if I was in their shoes. Today Connor would have turned one year old. It was on this day in 2013, that Suzie, Connor's mom, had to give birth to her stillborn little boy. The family wanted to remember him in a special way in these weeks before today- you may have read about it in "A Random Act of Kindness to Honor". But I have not been able to forget Connor or his family.

So today, on Connor's birthday, I wanted to do something to honor him. I must say truthfully I had to pray sooo hard about whether to post this on here. In fact I argued with God about it.
But God, they will just think I am doing this again to be seen.
You let me worry about them.
But God, I'll just do what you asked and privately message Connor's mom- that way she will still have it to record like she wanted.
You'll do as I say, how I say.
Well God, if this is really what you want for me to do, you are going to have to show me, and I mean in a way that I KNOW it is not just me thinking up something.
You'll know!
And know I do!!!!!! God did something SO amazing!! I have to share! All of these things coming together how they have has got to be God doing something somewhere. That is why I have done as He told me. So, I signed up to do reviews for books with several companies one of which is BookCrash. Several weeks ago I requested the book, ""Dying to Grow". It is a book about evangelism and that is all I knew. The book came and I have been reading it for a couple of weeks. Now pick up to several days ago. So after I prayed about doing this honoring act for Conner, I started reading in this book. I was just starting where I had left off the day before- this was in no way intention on my behalf!!!  Here is what I read!!!!
"It started out as an ordinary day. My wife and I arose from bed to head off to the doctor's office for an ultrasound. It was our second child. I will never forget sitting in the waiting room with butterflies in my stomach. My heart seemed to beat a thousand times faster each time the door opened and the nurse appeared to call out the next patient's name. Time seemed to linger as our excitement built. After what felt like an eternity, they called our name.
We made our way to the back room where the ultrasound machines were. It was a nice-sized room that had held many families as they viewed their babies. As the technician began the ultrasound, we watched every move on the machine and were amazed at how technology allowed us to meet this child before the due date. This was shaping up to be a great day. It all changed with five brief words: "Excuse me for a moment."
"She exited the room to get the doctor. My wife and I locked eyes, knowing this happy moment was presenting something that would affect our lives forever. I knew that whatever was happening, I needed to be strong and encouraging for my wife. I whispered to her, "Whatever is happening, we will walk in faith." These words would prove to be more difficult than I thought, even as God was faithful to sustain us."
"The doctor told us the devastating news: somehow, our child did not make it, and we would have to schedule the delivery of a stillborn little boy we named Konner."  (Dying to Grow by Nathan Lorick, Abbotsford, WI; Life Sentence Publishing, 2013. P.103-104)
I did a double take to the back of the book to see if this was possibly the same family??? Nope! But both had to deliver their babies stillborn and both were named Connor/Konner respectively.

YOU'VE GOT MY ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So in memory of Connor, I went out to do another Random Act of Kindness.
( And now my heart is thinking of two little boys- Connor and Konner)
And as Suzie requested that people share and as God told me to share, here goes.

I went to the store and got these flowers and two containers of cupcakes. Along with a card that I filled out explaining about Connor.

Then I addressed the envelope to "All The Birthplace Nurses" and went to my local hospital. I asked a nurse I seen in the hospital to take them to the birthplace nurses because I wished for it to be anonymous. I left as she carried the goodies toward the birthplace. 

To Connors family- I have been praying for you in the last several weeks. I can not imagine what kind of day today was for you. Little Connor is with God and I can not wait to meet him one day. Maybe then I can tell him face to face of all the people his life touched even though he was not here on earth for very long. Know that today I was thinking of you (and praying for you) and I am sure all the nurses who read the card above were as well. I cried when I seen that picture of the little teddy bear on his grave with the balloons. :*( Thank you for sharing your story with others like myself. Thank you for letting me be apart of his day.

Happy Birthday Connor!!

Go leave an encouraging word to Connor's parents at their blog Live, Laugh, Read.

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