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Friday's Fave Five 01.16.2015

Well I am a day late but better late than never. :) I had a great week as I hope you did as well. My whole week was enjoyable because we spent most of it spending time with family. My favorite part of the week was a trip out of town with my parents. We went to a new business in search of some essential oils we are having trouble finding. All of our local businesses carry the same oils all the time and get aggravated when we request them to order special ones for us. :( Then we had a coffee run because my feet were freezing! After I finished my coffee Aaron pitched a fit wanting my cup. He tipped it up only to find there was nothing inside. :)
 My second favorite thing of the week was our trip to the mountains. I had to go deliver papers and payment where we are taking the church children to summer camp this summer. It was beautiful along the way. The boys and I sang songs and stopped often to observe the beauty God created. Here are a few pictures from that trip.
My third favorite thing was when I got word I made the Dean's list last semester! Yayyy!

My fourth but probably most impactful on the rest of my life, is when a friend introduced me to this prayer group! You do not have to go to meetings and can have prayer partners even across different states. I LOVE the way the use Scripture to pray over our children. You can read about it over at Prayers for our Children.

Fifth has to be my Bible study progress. Getting Serious With Jesus is what I am aiming to do in 2015. I can definitely tell a difference reading a significant amount everyday versus just a verse or two. I am also studying the book of Romans in depth this semester in school and I am thoroughly enjoying that as well.

Well that was my wonderful week. I will have to say that focusing on the good helps keep me positive. I will ask you to pray for a family whom I will not name in my community who had their baby murdered this last week. I do not know the family personally but the whole circumstance is more than I can imagine. Losing a 5 month old because it was murdered, I can not imagine!

What went well for you this week? I would love to hear!

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  1. I am late getting around to comment--I enjoyed reading all five of your faves.
    I'm a fan of road trips, too. And your boys seem like they're great travelers.
    Have a great week!