Saturday, January 17, 2015

Memorize Scripture with Ease!

Okay I completely think God is sitting in the heavens blessing my goal to Get Serious With Jesus in 2015! First I found the reading plan I wanted to attempt for the next six months. Then I shared with all of you how important family devotions are. The very next day God answered my prayer to help me pray more faithfully for my children when a friend introduced me to Isaiah 55 Pray-er's. Then today, I visited another blog. Diana at Joyful In His Presence has a link on her page to help with Scripture memorization! Today I want to share it with you in homes it can help you too with your scripture memorization!
The tool is Scripture Typer. Apparently it is an app also so that you can practice typing your scriptures where ever you are. I found it on my laptop but I love the fact I can put it on my smart phone and tablet! I can practice scripture ANYWHERE!

It is simple. You create a list and name it what you like. So for example, if you want to memorize scriptures on the Holy Spirit you can name that list Holy Spirit. I really like you can separate lists to focus more in one area if wanted.

You click the list and tell it to add verses. You then type the book of the Bible and verse and click import text. You can even tell it what version you want to memorize! The goal is to type the verses over and over until you have memorized it. It times you so you can see if you can beat yourself and you can keep track of how many scriptures you memorized! It then has a review tab so you can review the verses you have learned often to avoid forgetting them.

Going to be away from the internet? No problem. It will automatically create scripture cards for you at the click of a button for you to print out and take with you to practice them! I am telling you this is AMAZING! You have to check it out. And on top of all of that, it is free!!!!

Visit Scripture Typer to check it out! And you can also visit Diana over at Joyful In His Presence. I wonder what God will help me with next?? Don't you just love how God works!?

**NO affiliate links included in this post. I am simply sharing good information with you!**

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  1. Kyliegh, thank you so much for sharing about my blog. I am so glad that you are finding Scripture Typer to be helpful. I LOVE that application! Are you familiar with Do Not Depart? if you care to check it out. of the things that it focuses on is memorizing portions of Scripture together. At the present time we are working on Psalm 27...down to verse 9 currently. There is also a group on Facebook (kind of like a sister group from Do Not Depart) called Hide His Word....great encouragement as we work on a verse each week.

    I'm delighted to find you! And thanks again for your grace in mentioning my blog.