Sunday, June 11, 2017

Fervent Online Bible Study June 12-14- PLUS FREE PRINTABLE #2!

Here we are! It is finally time for us to officially start this study! I am so happy that each of you are here. When I started this I told God, "If you want people to do this study, then you get them here," and here you are. You know what that means? That God Himself wanted for YOU to be here! I wonder what God has in store for your life as you go through this study. I guarantee that it is going to be something amazing. Like promised, here is your video to start off our time together. The next video will be Wednesday June 14th so make sure you get "Opening in Prayer" done before that video. Make sure to come and share with us on the facebook group.

If you are just now joining us make sure to check out the very first video and printable.
Click on the picture below to access this week's free printable scripture cards.

 I certainly hope that the Lord is already showing you new things and I pray daily that you will retake what the enemy has tried taking from you and your family. 

Until Wednesday- Love through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

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