Wednesday, June 21, 2017

#9- Fervent Online Bible Study- June 21

Who are you? No really, who are you? Not who YOU say you are but who does GOD say you are? Do you have thoughts that are bad about yourself? If you are a believer in Christ, you have a new identity! It is time that you remind the enemy of who you NOW are. This coming few days will help you do just that.

However, before we jump into the next chapter, what did you learn with Strategy 2: Your Focus? Where has your focus been off? Are you NOW focused on what God wants you to be focused on? Watch the video and let's see.
Here are all of the links to the videos as scripture packs thus far. If you have missed anything, you will find it here. This will make sure everyone is "up to date". If you are behind, don't give up!!! Just jump in with us where we are, and once you have that read, go back and start reading where you are behind. The enemy wants for you to give up! DON"T LET HIM WIN!!!! You got this!!

Alright guys! Everyone should be up to speed now! Hopefully this new formatting will help everyone stay in tune a little better! Love yall! Make sure to jump over on the Facebook Group for discussion ladies!

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